The program was launched in conjunction with the year 2024. As of January 1, the mobilities were already on the move to begin all the work planned in their respective places of action. The first quarter has been a “non-stop” of welcomes, farewells, updates, corrections, announcements, workshops, writing, registrations, baton passing, etc., which keeps us active and in high spirits to continue transforming.

At the Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès began the workshop BREATHING with the DILAMI team (Clemence cros), a space designed to share and deploy practices of good living with the workshop leaders Agustín Parra and Diego Prieto, the practitioners Isabel Zetina and Frida Arredondo and in communication, camera and video Juliana Marín.

Meanwhile, at the TAI University School of Arts, a prototype workshop was carried out for a group of migrant women who named it: MUJERES ENRAIZADAS, in addition to the implementation phase of the TALLER TODOS JUNTOS CRUZ ROJA (CRECE Project), aimed at a group of young people and adolescents linked to this humanitarian aid institution in Madrid. A process that has called the workshop participants to rethink their professional work. Sara Torres and Elena Sánchez for TAI, and Thierry Laffourgue for Apartè.

Co-implementation: Sandra Albarrán from Universidad de Antioquia and Adriana Córdoba from Universidad Distrital.

On Friday, March 8, Ñaque kicked off the prototype workshop: TRUSTING THE OTHER AND THE GROUP: A SAFE AND WELCOMING SPACE, implemented at the company Design and Projects Internacional Iberia, S.A., for migrant professionals. The workshop is taught by Fernando Bercebal, co-implemented by Sandra María Ortega, co-implemented by Lía Lemus and Elizabeth Garavito Universidad Distrital. Migrant engineers participate.

We continue!