For twenty years (1977-1997), the Teatro Fronterizo was constantly involved in research and creation work in Spain and several countries in Europe and the Americas. Some twenty shows, tens of workshops, seminars and laboratories, as well as an array of events for reflecting, debate and circulation, outline a path directed towards the necessary task of reappraising text-based theatre, systematising the concept of drama and theatrical boundaries.

The Teatro Fronterizo, in conjunction with the foundation of the Cultural Escena Alternativa association (1981) and the Sala Beckett (1989), put itself forward as an open platform for interdisciplinary creation to the convergence of proposals made from divers aesthetic and geographical horizons: at the crossroads of arts and sciences… an area for mingling cultural and other expressions. 

In 2010, the Nuevo Teatro Fronterizo was formed in Madrid on the initiative of its founder members with new blood and new aims, to extend and expand the ever necessary task of revising and calling into question the practice, place, sense and function of the theatrical event in culture and history.

Its team comprises two permanent employees and a network of stable contributors in stage practice, cinema, humanities teaching/lecturing and the humanities. Throughout its long existence NTF has created many synergies with other associations, collectives, entities and institutions, in the public and private sectors and at local, national and international level, with which it has developed many joint and own creation, exhibition and research projects.

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