The balance of the last quarter of the year shows how the TransMigrARTS program has been consolidating its main objective: Transforming migration through the arts.

Various activities, discussions, meetings, travel, exchanges and a host of other activities have taken place, among them:

The call for papers, reception of contributions and edition of the TMA 4 Magazine, soon to be published as a gift for Epiphany.

The reception of the members of the Cenit Theater in collaboration with Association Intimes Itinéraires – In-It, Ciam La Fabrique and UT2J.

The participation of Juliana Marín (UDEA) and Nina Jambrina (UT2J) in the academic-cultural spaces for educational innovation at UDEA to talk about the TransMigrARTS program.

The first two sessions of the seminar TransMigrARTS: Applied Creative Research at Casa Nuda, organized by Monique Martinez, general coordinator of the TransMigrARTS program with Sonia Castillo Ballen, scientific manager of the project for the UDFJC and Fabrice Coorons, researcher in the framework of the visit of incoming mobilities to the UDFJC.

The launching of Taller de migrantes, a new musical written and directed by Omar Olvera, which has reached 100 thousand reproductions.

The Podcast – interview with Fabrice Corrons on ON “R” #8 The Resilience Theater Actor to discuss the TransMigrARTS program.

The paper Spinning the personal and collective braid made by Félix Gómez-Urda (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) as a result of his path on the path of Applied Creative Research during his postdoc in the TransMigrARTS program.

The participation of Sandra Camacho López, researcher of the program in Toulouse in the IN-IT (ASSOCIATION INTIMES ITINÉRAIRES) artistic residency at the Espace Roguet.

We closed the year in high spirits, projecting everything that lies ahead for 2024.

We hope you continue to enjoy this great trip! Thank you for joining us. We continue!