Public university of Colombia that is part of the City-in the Capital Region of Bogotá. It runs 43 pre-graduate and 38 post-graduate programmes, organised across five faculties: Sciences and Education, Technology, Engineering, Environment and Natural Resources, and Arts-ASAB.

Based on its principles, the University encourages and fosters cultural, philosophical, scientific, technological, artistic, pedagogical and ethical development in the different fields of knowledge as a factor of modernity and change in Colombian society. Due to its status as a Higher Education Center, it encourages all forms of search and interpretation of reality. It fulfills the function of permanently re-elaborating the different conceptions of the world and seeking new forms of social organization, in an environment of respect for individual autonomy and academic freedoms, research, expression, association, of information, learning and teaching.

Research is a permanent, fundamental and essential activity and the sustenance of the spirit of the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas. It is aimed at expanding the different fields of knowledge, creating and adapting technologies. To that extent, its purpose is to base, guide and enable the training of leaders in their field to seek solutions to community problems.

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