The University of Antioquia, the scientific, cultural and historical icon of the Antioquia and national community, is an institution of the Colombian state working in the public service of state education applying academic, ethical and social responsibility criteria.

Since its creation, the Institution has been a main influence in the consolidation of medicine and the development of the laws of the nation; has participated in the birth of the national industry and guided the first engineering works; has been a pioneer in scientific research and protection of the environment; has been the location of different cultural manifestations and mentor of great teachers.

The University of Antioquia influences all social sectors through research, teaching and extension activities. Research and teaching constitute the axes of academic life and both are articulated with extension to achieve academic and social objectives.

The Arts Faculty, one of the five university faculties, has a campus, facilities, infrastructure and equipment for research and creation for its 16 research-creation laboratories.

Universidad de Antioquia (Colombia)


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