PROYECTO ÑAQUE S.L. is a company with more than 10 years’ history in the areas of publishing, training, management and production. It specialises in the application of creative, theatrical and expressive techniques for artistic projects, business training, educational training and social action. It has inherited the path of ÑAQUE Editora that celebrates its 25th birthday this year, in 2020, devoted to publishing and research work through its magazine with more than 80 issues and its publications that run into hundreds of available titles.

It has worked together with foundations and entities such as La Caixa, Botín and SGAE, it has devised training courses for educational centres and their teaching staff all over Spain, taken part in international artistic projects, and has designed, led and
run both open and “on site” training courses for companies.

It is in constant touch with reality, both of dramaturgy and teaching and research in the training and application of techniques not only in the artistic sphere, but in the company, educational and social spheres with more than a hundred authors and contributors in its publishing catalogue. It has one administrator, working interns and correctors and a network of six national and international distributors. It has its own administrative headquarters and a warehouse.

Proyecto Ñaque (Spain)


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