The company bears the name of the Mexican artist, with seven years’ experience in performance and theatre creation, specialising in the creative area of performance production, from stage direction, play writing, schematic concept and space design, as well as providing tools for musical intervention, from composing to performance.

Since 2012 its shows have been staged at major Mexican venues including Teatro Milan, Teatro del Parque Interlomas, Teatro Libanés, Círculo Teatral, Centro Cultural Teopanzolco, Sala Ollin Yoliztli. In addition, it has participated in social impact projects with the Memory and Tolerance Museum and the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Responsible for stage direction of the performances by the Orquesta Filarmónica de las Artes since 2018.

Omar Olvera Calderón es un creador multidisciplinar con experiencia en artes visuales, teatro y performance, habiendo estudiado en la Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Recibió el Premio Pez de Oro 2019 al Mejor Director de un Musical con “Para La Libertad: México 68”. Omar Olvera Calderón has a team of creative people specialising in areas such as production, musical direction, choreography, stage design, costume design, prop and puppet design, graphic design, and so on, in addition to a network of actors, singers, dancers and musicians with varying levels of experience.

Omar Olvera (Mexico)



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