Aparté Théâtre (PACFA Conseil S.A)  was founded on the dual skills in Business Management / Theatre of its founders Thierry Lafforgue (Manager and actor) and Pierrot Corpel (drama teacher, drama therapist and trainer).  The start-up has been working for three and a half years in organizations (businesses, schools, sports clubs, business clubs, medical institutions, etc.) focussing on two areas:

  • Human resources (Training/Team building): the theatre is used to substitute PowerPoint presentations to bring messages alive rather than reading them off the screen. The participants become spectators and it is their “procedural memory” that receives the learning: learning by practising. We work on cross-disciplinary topics for the organization: prevention of psychosocial risks, intergenerational management, male/female parity, speaking in public, non-violent communication, team cohesiveness, positive communication, etc. Each session is customized to the circumstances of the business. A specialist accompanies the Pacfa Conseil team to provide expert background: psychologists, sociologists, actors…
  • Event marketing: in this case the theatre is used to lend an original twist to the event with invisible theatre: actors surreptitiously enter the event (fake serving staff, customers, guides, visitors, presenters) following a script tailored to the event to surprise those attending.

The development agenda of Pacfa Conseil Aparté Théâtre sets out to develop R&D, from its activity launch because it aspires to be the South of France’s specialist organization in Innovative Theatre Workshops for various socioeconomic sectors of Occitania.

Aparté Théâtre (France)



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