Les Anachroniques, founded in 1989 at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès, has been an independent professional company since 2010. Several priorities define its activities:

  • as a theatre and shadow theatre company: creation and production of plays in Spanish, French and French sign language. Collective writing, music and musicality. Creation of shadow plays for young people and the general public.
  • as a training body: interventions in college, high school and elementary schools for learning languages and the theatre. Teacher training.
  • as a theatre-health creation entity: general public plays on organised cancer screening created in conjunction with the medical and public health bodies responsible for screening.
  • as a que creation entity for disseminating scientific and technical knowledge: regular creation of dramatized tours with the organisation Les curieuses visites curieuses, participation in the Semaine du cerveau brain awareness week, the European Researchers’ Night, etc.

The company Les Anachroniques has a core staff of about ten contract-employed actors and technicians, and an administration officer, in connection with the La Poudrière visual artists’ workshop.

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