TMA is the open source journal born from the dynamics generated by the mobilities and research-creation processes of the TransMigrARTS project.

With an initial minimum biannual periodicity, it aims to bring out its first issue at the beginning of 2022, coinciding with the meeting scheduled in TransMigrARTS in the city of Granada.

The objective is to contribute to the dissemination of the tasks and activities carried out within the framework of the European Horizon2020 project, as well as to echo everything related to art applied to the improvement of the situation of migrants.

The hypothesis of our research program is that the performing arts, through research-creation tools, can contribute to transform and improve the modes of existence that have been ascribed to migrants in vulnerable situations. 

The TMA magazine, edited digitally and in open source, will include articles, experiences, workshops, interviews, reports, reviews of publications…

The main edition will be in Spanish, although articles in English and French are also welcome.


To ensure the quality and coherence of the journal and its contents with the TransMigrARTS project, three committees have been established →


Scientific committee

Formed by prominent people and/or of reference in the world of the arts and creative research or related to the objective of TransMigrARTS. It will have a consultative and informative character and, ultimately, its members will ensure the scientific and ethical integrity of the publications in the journal.


Editing committee

The magazine, edited by Proyecto ÑAQUE, will be headed by Fernando Bercebal Guerrero, with regular collaborators from the publishing house, in some cases, people outside Proyecto ÑAQUE. This comitee will be in charge of deciding the design and managing the publication and diffusion of the magazine.


Editorial committee

This committee and its coordination will rotate among the different project partners. The coordinator will be in charge, fundamentally, of the design and control of content and the referral to specialists from among those who are part of the program of the proposals for publications for their “blind” review and validation for their publication or not in the journal. 

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